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Due to the COVID-19 state mandated shutdown of all non-essential businesses, our Medspa will be closed temporarily effective March 20, 2020

Dear loyal clients and friends, California has issued a statewide shutdown of all non-essential businesses  and the message is “Stay at Home”. Alamo Hills Laser and Aesthetics Center is closed temporarily for all upcoming services starting March 20th , until further notice. If you have an appointment scheduled it will be cancelled and put on a list for rescheduling for future.

Phones messages will be checked weekly, and we will try to respond to all emails and messages in a timely manner.

At this time we don’t know when we will be reopening but we can reschedule and make appointments for the month of May, optimistically.

We will stay up to date with recommendation from officials and we will reopen as soon as it is advised to do so.

We will miss seeing you and our staff. We appreciate your understanding & support.

We will get through this & be stronger from it together.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always here for you.

Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you!

Your Alamo Hills Laser team.

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Nawabi's Wellness and Medical Weight Loss Center

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We are happy to announce that we are now offering Vitamin B-12 and Lipotropic Fat Burning injections!!


If you need that extra push to help you achieve your weight loss goals or that help get over that plateau in your fitness regimen, Lipovicine can help.

Lipovicine has a combination of B12 and amino acids that help boost your metabolism and assist your body in digesting fats.

What will Lipotropic + B12 injections do for me?

The injection is recommended once per week. We recommend the injection is given the same day of each week to increase performance of weight reduction.

Vitamin B-12 Shot ($25/shot)

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin commonly found in a variety of foods such as fish, shellfish, meat, eggs and dairy products. It is required for maintaining nerve health and forming red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is beneficial to our health and has been shown to help prevent Anemia, Cervical cancer, Bone Fractures and Brain Atrophy. It is also a great addition to any weight loss program!

Why get a vitamin B12 injection?

There is evidence that injections of Vitamin B12 given weekly can improve the general well-being and happiness of patients as well as reduce fatigue.
• Increased energy
• Boosts Metabolism
• Boosts Immune System
• Helps prevent memory loss
• Helps fight depression / irritability
• Helps prevent migraines
• Essential for Neurological health
• Aids in digestion
• Helps Hypo-Thyroid problems

Many people experience vitamin B12 deficiency. It occurs commonly because it is not always readily absorbed from the intestinal tract. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to abnormal neurologic and psychiatric symptoms including shaky movements, unsteady gait, muscle weakness, incontinence, hypotension, vision problems, dementia, poor memory and mood disturbances. If you feel you are vitamin B12 deficient please contact our office.

ONLY $80 For 4 B12 Injections




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Package consists of 6-10 weekly treatments.

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